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Lo Rene'
Our artist and co-founder, Lo Rene'  is a multi-talented artist and entrepreneur.  Her love for music and life has  given her longevity in the music industy. Lo Rene' is a strong Christian women who is lead by God in all her endeavors. 

As an author she has 3 published books and 5 waiting on edit and puiblishing. 

Musician, Vocalist, Songwriter, and Recording Artist
Lo Rene' has been added multiple times to the Grammy Ballot in over 8 different catagories including vocalist of the year and songwriter of the year. 

Lo Rene' has written several screenplays and has registered Reality Show with WGA/West 

Fashion/Jewelry Designer and  illustrater
Lo Rene' is behind the fashion line, "Valerie Venee" which does jewelry, purses, gloves, clothing and designs products like mugs, rugs, blankets, shower curtains, and tote bags. 

Graphic Artist/Photographer/Artist
Lo Rene' is a Getty's photographer which specializes in nature. She is also a painter and artist. Many of Lo Rene's paintings and drawing are used in the fashion line for designs. 

Motivational Speaker
As author of published motivational book and multiple motivational book in waiting for publishing. Lo Rene may be available to speak at your next event. 
Lo Rene' on the charts
Lo Rene's music is and has been charting  and spreading across the globe. Her songs have reached #1 on some charts multiple times. 
Lo Rene may be available for your next event feel free to contact us for bio and booking information. 

If you would like to work with our artist, Lo Rene' feel free to contact us using the contact us form link below. 

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Flower Pictures by Lo Rene' used in Valerie Venee' Product line. 

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